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About Us

We are a team of professionals whose main goal is to provide services for the traders community, blockchain start-ups, ICOs and other crypto ventures from their infancy to full functionality. Our team consists of experienced traders and investors, skilled and experienced ICO advisors and researchers, skilled tech and marketing team. Our top priority is to address crypto people with the highest quality education, introduce them to the crypto and blockchain, advise on short/mid/long term investments, do ICO research and reviews, and provide personal portfolio consultancy.
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Real Time Notification on your phone!

Receive the best trading & investment opportunities, market analysis and new coin listings directly to your phone with zero delay! You will always get precise buy and sell targets to save you time and work.

Direct Interaction with analysts

Enjoy direct interaction with our professional traders, investors and technical analysts. Besides, our great community of investors is always ready to help and answer urgent questions instantly.

Our Services

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    Fundamental Analysis

    Analytics and in-depth research help us finding the best projects in the whole space. Our researchers found projects like EOS, ICX or VEN in the very early stages. Four researchers are constantly scanning the market for you.

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    Technical Analysis

    Receive precise daily market updates and trading recommendations from professional analysts for day and swing trades. We give you precise targets and save your investments with stop-losses whenever necessary.

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    Crypto Gems

    Crypto Gems are projects with a very small market cap and exceptionally high potential. We find the best hidden crypto gems for you - high returns guaranteed!

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    24/7 Personal Support

    We love to stay close to our members. Within our share and care community, we answer every single question you have and help you shape your portfolio. You have a direct access to professional researchers and analysts!

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    Bots & Network

    We have created several bots for you that help you spot the best arbitrage opportunities and alert you whenever a new coin is going to be listed! Through our strong network within the space, you will have access to exclusive information!

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    You will learn how to read the market, spot market trends and how portfolio and risk management work on a professional level.


Bitcoin analysis check check check
Magazine: “The Monthly Crypto Nurse“ check check check
Bitmex Margin Trades check check
Altcoin Trade Signals Occasionally check check
Crypto Gems (10-100x potential) based on fundamental analysis check
24/7 Priority chat - direct access to technical analysts check Basic support
Access to our insider network in the crypto space check
New Coin Listing Bot (alerts you when new coins are listed directly) check
Arbitrage Bot check
CryptoMedics FUND (soon) NO EXCLUSIVE NO
COST NO ONLY 0.06 (per month) ONLY 0.09 BTC (per three months)
  • The team behind your
    great success
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    Damian (Co-Founder)

    Damian became one of Bitcoin early adopters in 2013. In 2017, he went on to Ethereum which turned out to be another gem. With his background in economics, he is experienced with forex and binary options. He also used to run a binary options brand and is a strong Blockchain technology advocate. He excels in Fundamental Analysis and ICO Advisory.

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    Jonny (Co-Founder)

    Jonny has been a crypto enthusiast since he discovered Ethereum in 2015. Being involved in the start-up scene, he has been experienced in business strategy planning and project management. With a strong focus on fundamental analysis, Jonny knows exactly what to look for when analyzing and rating blockchain projects.

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    Fundamental Analysis department

    Our FA department is led by our analyst and researcher Trajan. With his engineering background, he is very knowledgeable about the technical capabilities of blockchain and well experienced with token economy. Together with Gino, who has a concise understanding of blockchain technology, they can tell the quality of a project from at 10 miles away.

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    Technical Analysis department

    Our TA department consists of well-balanced combination of traders and trading styles. All traders are professionals with multiple years of experience and a deep understanding of money management, risk management and trading strategies. Our head trader Tomas has multiple years of experience in trading different assets and fund management.

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    Technology department

    Our Belgian tech-savvy Robin has a background in the automation sector. He is making life easier with useful tools and bots. For CryptoMedics, he develops tools and bots which help both members and traders.


Stablecoins breakdown and why they are important (part 2)

GUSD is a stablecoin which is issued by Gemini Trust Company. Gemini Trust Company established by the Winklevoss brothers in 2014. The company is regulated under New York State Department of Financial Services. To ensure the safety of the US deposit, Gemini decided to keep their USD in State Street Bank and Trust Company.

Stablecoins breakdown and why they are important (part 1)

Crypto market is one of the most volatile markets compared to other traditional financial markets. Within one week, cryptocurrencies can lose 50% of the value which affects the investors badly. However, it is just the value affected by BTC.

What is something that almost nobody knows about Blockchain?

Here are 12 things about blockchain and crypto that almost no one knows about. 70% of blockchains are extremely centralized and scam their investors by talking about decentralization, freedom and other lovey-dovey buzzwords while they stab you in the back with not giving a damn about decentralization.

Ripple, a crypto partnership giant (Part 2) - Cryptomedics Official - Medium

In part one, we gave you a lengthy list of Ripple's partnership. Plus, we also explained carefully the real use case of Ripple native token (XRP). However, despite having a lot of advantages for...

The advantages of derivatives, aka "How to make profit in the bear market"

Crypto currencies have been long known as one of the most volatile assets in the financial industry. Last year, BTC dropped from $20,000 to $10,000 in just 3 days! Let that sink in for a while... That...

Bitcoin is moving. A breakdown of recent actions by CryptoMedics

❇️Market recap❇️ Recently, due to some technical difficulties, the whales have released the bulls causing BTC to soar up from 6200 to almost 7800 in 2 hrs followed by a sudden dump. At this moment, the bulls have calmed down which leaves the market sentiment in confusion whether BTC is going up or down.

Binance FUD rebutted - Cryptomedics Official - Medium

In this manipulative market, fighting against FUD is one of the must-have skills for investors. In one of the recent Binance FUDs, we have found out that there are too many personal attacks and faulty claims which is always alarming. Check out the original tweet here: Let's take a closer look at it.

Ripple, a crypto partnership giant - Cryptomedics Official - Medium

As you may know, Ripple (XRP) has a large number of partnerships in many countries including German, US, Japan, Australia, etc. In this article, we will explore those partnerships and when they were announced. In 2013, TAS group was the first company to adopt Ripple payment protocol.

The ugly truth of Substratum's second ICO - Cryptomedics Official - Medium

Substratum was one of our early-picked projects that can disrupt the industry of centralized and controlled Internet. However, there are things that are alarming, disconcerting and even make us think of abandoning the project. Here is our honest take on the latest news.

What's up crypto? - by CryptoMedics - Cryptomedics Official - Medium

Here is a short interview made by - one of the best crypto media outlets in the crypto industry. You will learn much about how we find our 10x - 100x low cap gems (we shared our Gem "Holo" with you in this guest post long ago) and other interesting facts.

Relax because we will always be there for you
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We are a team of professionals who come from different backgrounds - cryptocurrency experts, forex traders, binary option executives, stock traders, ICO advisors, blockchain developers, journalists, community leaders. All of us have great experience - some started their crypto investments in 2013, slowly transferring from regular jobs into full-time crypto careers.
No! We aren’t financial advisors. We always recommend you to do your own research. Only invest what you can afford to lose. None of our recommendations should be taken as investment advice!
In many ways. With us, you get the full package - we provide you with fundamental knowledge and analysis which will surely benefit you in the long run. We also provide you with the best short term opportunities carefully researched by our two technical analysis experts.
While the fundamental analysis focuses on the fundamentals of a project (the quality of the technology, the team, the vision, the product, the marketing and competitiveness), the technical analysis excludes most of those factors and is focused on short term gains based on chart patterns, trading activity (such as price movement and volume) and historical trading data.


I find it great to be there (Elite). The admins are very informative, you can get portfolio support from them personally. Personal portfolio support is one of the best features I have seen.


At the moment this bear market is the perfect time to prepare me and my portfolio for the next upturn and to that effect I think the group is great...Ive been in other groups and this is the best I have seen. My money will be made back moving forward.


The community is strong and members share their time and experience without hesitation. The signals are clear and concise and appropriate warnings are issued on a timely basis.

Crypto Collateral

Their research and info about GEM coins is totally worth it in my opinion. Some of the projects I would have never discovered on time, if i didn’t read their GEM coins info.


The elite membership is definitely worth. I purchased the one plan. I am definitely impressed. The gems they are giving are priceless. I would not have known about them if it wasn't for this group.


So far, I have made enough to cover the 1 month membership, even in the bear market. I’ve had a couple coins go south, but stop loss worked well to imit those losses.


I don’t have elite but these are some genuine, honest guys. No bullshit no drama. Always there to give a hand and advice.


I personally think that CryptoMedics is for the time bring THE GROUP one should join for ones money. Reliable, friendly and competent folks. I am im the Elite Group and I am very satisfied


I will be straight up with you, I´m in many groups & Damian and CryptoMedics have some of the best info and resources on here that I have seen


In June I didn make money but did prevent from losing it by going in to USDT at the right time. Elite chat is great, members are active and even the analysts are available 24/7, yes they have multiple analysts in different time zones :)

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ICO Advisory & Marketing

CryptoMedics Team work with new blockchain companies that are looking for optimization of their ICO campaigns. We offer a wide range of services - from presenting your project to our investors base for your pre-sale (ICO pooling), making due dilligence, as well as marketing and promotional campaigns.

Submit your ICO/project below.
We will reply as soon as possible to get the process started.

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