Bitcoin Update - 9th March 2019
by Miyagi · 03/10/19 0

Observing BTC now on this Sunday, we here at CryptoMedics are expecting a big move either today or in exactly 8 hours on the weekly open tomorrow.

BTC is getting weaker here as we lazily scrubbed the 3900 resistance and are now kindly rejecting, showing lack of interest in buying and pushing upwards.

This would imply that the overall consciousness of the market of buyers demands lower prices which to us looks like the 3400 zones in the short-term, 3200 in the mid-term.

Let's see what happens in the next 8-24 hours, we'll keep y'all tuned to the heartbeat of the market

We have a short opened on BTC, some alts opened for buying as a hedge, and some low bids on Bitmex alts like TRX and LTC to buy if we dump soon.

All in all, we're strapped and ready for whatever is coming. 

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