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We are a team of professionals that come from different backgrounds - cryptocurrency experts, forex traders, binary option executives, stock traders, ICO advisors, blockchain developers, journalists, community leaders. All of us have great experience - some started their crypto investments in 2013, slowly transferring from regular jobs into full-time crypto careers.
No! We aren’t financial advisors. We always recommend you to do your own research. Only invest what you can afford to lose. None of our recommendations should be taken as investment advice!
A Call to Action is a collective effort of experts and researchers, not pure trading signals but decisions made upon consideration, experience, history, charts and insider info.
In many ways. With us, you get the full package - we provide you with fundamental knowledge and analysis which will surely benefit you in the long run. We also provide you with the best short term opportunities carefully researched by our two technical analysis experts.
While the fundamental analysis focuses on the fundamentals of a project like the quality of the technology, the team, the vision, the product, the marketing and competitiveness, the technical analysis excludes most of those factors and is focused on short term gains based on chart patterns, trading activity (such as price movement and volume) and historical trading data.
Both TA and FA are very important. We always use a certain amount of our portfolio for long term investments based on FA and another part of our portfolio for trading based on TA.
A crypto gem is a blockchain based project that is considered to be a small cap (small market cap) and undervalued in comparison with competition or in regard to their vision and product. Those projects have usually a tremendous potential and can give investors very high returns.
The “New Coin Listing Bot“ spots new coin listings on exchanges in real time and sends you a notification. We have a certain strategy revealed to our Elite investors how to properly use this bot.
The Arbitrage Bot spots the best arbitrage opportunities within the crypto space. Arbitrage means buying a coin/token on one exchange and selling it for a higher price on another exchange. So, you basically earn by making use of the difference in coin price on two different exchanges.
We analyse your portfolio to help you spot unnecessary coins and prepare you for the long run. We teach you risk management, target calculation and show you how to build a portfolio. However, keep in mind that this is not financial advice. We are not legal financial advisors.
Our community chat is a very active and helpful tool to get all your questions answered. You have a direct access to three top-notch, experienced crypto researchers and investors, as well as two professional technical analysts. It doesn't matter if your are an intermediate, advanced or newbie investor, we try to answer all of your questions promptly and in full details.
It depends. Sometimes 15, sometimes 5. It all depends on the overall market sentiment and the risk level. We rather focus on quality than on quantity. Our technical analysts are experienced enough to decide what is a good amount of CTAs due to the current market situation.
Yes, we do. Check it out here: https://t.me/cmtestimonials
Maybe. We haven’t made the final decision yet. We want to ensure the highest level of personal support to you. With 1000 members in our channel this would hardly be possible. We rather keep the amount of members small while keeping the quality high. Quality beats quantity every day.
Actually, our price isn’t high at all. Our service basically pays for itself. Many members have made back their initial investment within the first month already. We deliver the whole package, you don’t get this anywhere else. We support every single one of you and never just post signals and leave you alone after it. You have direct access to bots, analysts, investors and gain knowledge on a daily base. All our CTAs are based on real crypto intelligence, it is never stolen or forwarded from other channels.
We mainly use Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, IDEX, Huobi, Bitmex (shorting)
Short Term calls expire in hours/days, Mid Term calls expire in weeks/3-6 months, Long Term expiration is at least 6 months/years. Our LT calls are mainly our Crypto Gems and are presented to ELITE members only.
You should invest only amounts you can afford to lose as crypto investments are risky like any other types of investment. If you cannot afford paying a CM fee, do not enter. Stay in the free channels for some time until you are ready to join us. A good indicator is the amount of CM fee - it should not exceed 10% of you whole capital. If it does, you are not there yet.
Never. We loathe such activities. we do not recommend following a pump and dump group. The only true winner is the one who launched the pump, no one else! You will end up losing money! If you find any of those, stay out of it and warn others. You can also report it to us.
Those are projects we received confidential info about and are about to make a major step forward in development, get a listing on a major exchange or sign a significant partnership. They are usually big players backed by some serious businesses or even governments. Investing in them is a safe bet long term. We do not reveal them until the last moment lest we should create hype and to prevent leaking and price pumping.
We have never been affiliated with anyone. We have never shilled or advertised anything, we only support project we firmly believe in and are about to invest in. If we were ever approached by anyone and decided to help someone, you would be the first to know.
We are on the constant look-out for the best talents in the world to get them under one roof. If you think you can add something of value to CryptoMedics, feel free to join us!
If your are interested in marketing our project to others and earn money, then you can make use of our referral system. For more details, head to the Affiliates section.