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Bitmex signals
Get the best trade ideas on Bitmex leverage trading handcrafted by our traders!
Binance signals
Get the best altcoin trade ideas on Binance handcrafted by our traders!
Weekly livestreams with trading set ups and trading tips
24/7 Personal Guidance
Our community with many traders is always there to help! We never let you down!
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Crypto Trading Bots And Signals

How Can Our Crypto Trading Bots And Signals Help Revive Your Day Trading?

The market volatility witnessed in the cryptocurrency industry gives everyone the chance to earn a decent income day trading crypto. How much you make however depends on your experience and analyses expertise or that of your crypto trading signals provider. To this end, we came up with Cryptomedics.io a body of professional traders, analysts, and crypto trading bots dedicated to analyzing the market and providing you with the most accurate signals.

We understand that the difference in making outsized profits or outsized losses in the cryptocurrency industry often lies on your choice of crypto trading platform. That’s why we have developed a platform that takes advantage of the human experience and crypto trading bot’s speed in scouring the different markets, identify the most profitable signals, and deliver them to you in real time.

In addition to the signals, we are also committed to helping you improve your trading experience. We have, therefore, come up with a comprehensive teaching guide that our team of experts strives to improve on regularly through live streams and exclusive trading webinars.

Curious about how it works? Here is a breakdown of how we are working hand in hand with bots and a crypto auto trader to help up your improve your crypto trades:

Coming up with crypto
trading signals
In establishing Cryptomedics.io, we brought together experienced crypto, money and stock market traders as well as blockchain enthusiasts and ICO advisors. Together we have made it our job to keep tabs on the crypto markets, so you don’t have to. We are constantly monitoring the crypto price changes, news, and major announcements, as well as new coin launches and converting them into actionable crypto trading signals that you can act upon.

How do we achieve this? Through experience and by embracing technology in the form of a crypto trading bots. Our bots isareable to explore the market, analyze different pieces of data, identify promising trading patterns, and deliver them to our traders to re-evalaute.
Signal identification model

After putting in countless hours into analyses, we have come up with strategy unique to our cryptocurrency trading platform and targeted at perfection. To achieve this we started by narrowing our focus to two of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, BitMex and Binance. However, while we have our trades targeted at these markets our bots are researching and analyzing the global cryptocurrency industry by the minute.

Our trading strategy and model takes into account the fact that helping you revive or start day trading crypto is hedged on the accuracy of these trading signals. To this end, we have committed to constantly update the research and analyses techniques approach used by our crypto trading bot to meet the ever-changing cryptocurrency industry dynamics. This includes matching it with two of our most experienced technical analyses experts.

While we strive to further improve the speed analyses and delivery of our crypto trading bot and the overall accuracy of the signals, we can’t assume market volatilities. This explains why we have come up with an elaborate risk management strategy that ensures you have the final say on the maximum amount of risk you can tolerate.
Real-time delivery

On 12th April 2018, Bitcoin prices surged by over 10% in under an hour. This reflects the power of thoroughly researched crypto trading signals in helping you realize outsized profits and vice versa. But what is the use of a good and accurate trading signal if it is not delivered and executed on time?

We have, therefore, within our cryptocurrency trading platform, created crypto trading telegram channels through which we share different signals. More importantly, our bots and technical analyses team won’t bombard you with complex messages in the name of signals. We will only forward polished and easily digestible signals. We send you the entry price and stop loss price, as well as the recommended leverage, and you can easily copy these into your BitMex or Binance account for execution.
How we help you improve your trades

How do we help you improve your trades?

You will find our experienced team of technical analysts as well as the crypto trading bots very effective when it comes to reviving your day trades. However, we consider this a short term goal and hope to help you master the trade ultimately. This informed the need for us to establish a teaching program available to our members on the crypto trading platform and updated regularly. As if this is not enough, we have come up with an even more ambitious project of creating a robot trader.

We thrive on transparency and it is only nice that you take advantage of it to learn the ins and outs of day trading crypto. The signals we share on our cryptocurrency trading platform as well as on the blog section of our website are detailed enough to allow for backtracking trades. By so doing, you get to understand what you have been doing wrong and even how to correct it. We advise all our clients and members on the platform hoping to make accurate trades on their own someday to start here.

But if crypto trading was as easy as backtracing trades and learning from yesterday’s mistakes, everybody would be a pro trader. That’s why we don’t just advise. We take action and strive to hold your hand, walking with you throughout the process.

You are welcomed to stream live and see our traders live in action analyzing and executing trades and also participate in weekly webinars where you are introduced to different aspects of crypto trading. These webinars also feature a question and answer session where you get to ask your most intriguing questions about the trade or our system and get answers in real time.