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I find it great to be there (Elite). The admins are very informative, you can get portfolio support from them personally. Personal portfolio support is one of the best features I have seen.


At the moment this bear market is the perfect time to prepare me and my portfolio for the next upturn and to that effect I think the group is great...Ive been in other groups and this is the best I have seen. My money will be made back moving forward.


The community is strong and members share their time and experience without hesitation. The signals are clear and concise and appropriate warnings are issued on a timely basis.

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Their research and info about GEM coins is totally worth it in my opinion. Some of the projects I would have never discovered on time, if i didn’t read their GEM coins info.


The elite membership is definitely worth. I purchased the one plan. I am definitely impressed. The gems they are giving are priceless. I would not have known about them if it wasn't for this group.


So far, I have made enough to cover the 1 month membership, even in the bear market. I’ve had a couple coins go south, but stop loss worked well to imit those losses.


I don’t have elite but these are some genuine, honest guys. No bullshit no drama. Always there to give a hand and advice.


I personally think that CryptoMedics is for the time bring THE GROUP one should join for ones money. Reliable, friendly and competent folks. I am im the Elite Group and I am very satisfied


I will be straight up with you, I´m in many groups & Damian and CryptoMedics have some of the best info and resources on here that I have seen


In June I didn make money but did prevent from losing it by going in to USDT at the right time. Elite chat is great, members are active and even the analysts are available 24/7, yes they have multiple analysts in different time zones :)

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